How do I get started?

Colchester & District Fencing Club (CADS)

Getting started couldn't be more easy all you need to do is -

1.  Look at the About Us page to see when we meet and the times suitable for your age (adult or junior)

​2. Email (preferred)  or ring us to let us know you wish to come along

3. Turn up for your free session

4. It is helpful to us if you turn up a little bit before your session (if you can)

What do I need to bring with me?

Clothing to take part - T shirt, tracksuit trousers (or similar) but not shorts and trainers. We have the fencing specific clothing etc.

What else? - Drink for refreshment as you will get warm doing the sport and a towel

What do I do to join?

1. Complete the club's membership form and hand it to Lyndon (Chairman and Membership Secretary) and we will appoint a coach to you  

2. Come along regularly for your session(s). Remember adults can attend twice a week for their membership fee. Juniors can attend either during the week or on Saturdays depending on which section of the club they join because they each have their own membership structure.

3. Join the British Fencing Association (BFA). This is important as this is how you are insured while undertaking the sport and it serves as a measure of the strength of the sport. Copy this address :-

4. You will in time be expected to obtain your own equipment/clothing. For juniors we expect this in the first twelve months and for adults and those wishing  to attend competition we would expect this to be completed quicker, around six months.

5. The club does have equipment available for use but it should be remembered this is for the use of beginners only. 

6. If you or your child wish to take the BFA Achievement Awards (Levels one to six) let your coach know as we will be please to work with you to achieve an award

7. If you need further information please just ask.